Hands-on Sessions


A Jin JShinyutsu hands-on session is usually about one hour in length. This hour is simply the spark. The results of harmonized energy flow can continue to unfold through the hours and days following a session.

During a session the receiver lies in whatever position is most comfortable (or sits in a chair or wheelchair). After listening to the energy pulse at the wrist, the practitioner gently touches (over clothing) Safety Energy Locks in specific sequences which harmonize the flow of Universal Energy.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu the practitioner does not diagnose, manipulate or re-direct the body or the energy flow. Rather, using hands like jumper cables (s)he listens through the Safety Energy Locks to the innate knowing of Harmony. This act of listening sparks Source energy into action. As it awakens and releases, energy re-establishes its life-giving flow and becomes available for cleaning and rebuilding the body's tissues and functions. Deeply relaxing, people speak of the experience of a Jin Shin Jyutsu session as "like a massage from the inside" and as "effortless meditation".


"Listen to the Harmony.
Be the observer of the Transformation
that IS "
Mary Burmeister

Sessions with Uzi and Cynthia


We each provide hands-on sessions at our office in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in our home office 1/2 hour south of town.

Uzi is available for hospital and home appointments and provides sessions on location during Cynthia's classes.

As well we practice together, giving four-hands sessions.


When there are chronic conditions or if the lifestyle is stressful a series of sessions may be useful.

For those desiring a "deep cleaning" Intensives can be scheduled. These usually consist of sessions once or twice daily, for one to three weeks. For Intensives Uzi and Cynthia usually alternate as practitioner.

Intensives can be enjoyed in a retreat setting at our home office.